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Who we are


AfricaBio is an independent, non-profit biotechnology stakeholders association. Our key role is to provide accurate information and create awareness, understanding as well as knowledge on biotechnology and biosafety in South Africa and the African region.



• Locally, AfricaBio is engaged in transferring information about biotechnology and biosafety to all levels of society. This is done through information days, workshops, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, websites, newsletters and technology demonstration.
• Nationally, AfricaBio carries out a range of programs that focus on education, technology demonstration and training on biotechnology and biosafety.
• AfricaBio Facilitates coordinated approaches to biotechnology and biosafety development.
• At a regional level, AfricaBio provides services and support to many countries in the SADC region on biotechnology education and training.
• At an international level AfricaBio seeks to build capacity in all aspects of biotechnology and biosafety in Africa and to articulate the needs of African biotechnology stakeholders to the world.

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