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In 2010, Australia grew 653,000 hectares of biotech crops, comprising 520,000 hectares of biotech cotton, (up from 190,000 hectares in 2009), and 133,000 hectares of biotech canola (up more than three- fold from the 41,200 hectares in 2009).
The increase between 2009 and 2010 was 184% making it the biggest proportional increase in any country in the world in 2010. A remarkable 98.5% of all the cotton grown in Australia in 2010 was biotech and over 91% of it featured the stacked genes for insect resistance and herbicide tolerance.
The total biotech crop hectarage in 2010 represents almost a 14-fold increase over the 48,000 hectares of biotech crops in 2007 during which Australia suffered a very severe drought which continued in 2008 and to a lesser degree in 2009 when the country was still recovering from the multi-year drought which is the worst on record in Australia. Enhanced farm income from biotech crops is estimated at US$262 million for the period 1996 to 2009 and the benefits for 2009 alone at US$38 million.

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