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In 2010, the adoption of Bt cotton in India soared to a record 9.4 million hectares, equivalent to 86% of the record 11 million hectare cotton crop planted in the country. The 1 million hectare gain in Bt cotton in 2010 resulted from an increase of 8.4 million hectares in 2009 to 9.4 million hectares in 2010 farmed by 6.3 million farmers growing on average 1.5 hectares of cotton; the 8.4 million hectares of Bt cotton in 2009 occupied 81% of the 10.3 million hectare of cotton farmed by 5.6 million farmers in 2009. Overall, the increase from 50,000 hectares of Bt cotton in 2002, (when Bt cotton was first commercialized) to 9.4 million hectares in 2010 represents an unprecedented 188-fold increase in nine years.

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