As an independent non-profit stakeholders’ association, we represent the interests of all stakeholders involved in the biotechnology sector throughout Africa, and promote the use of biotechnology as a means to upliftment. AfricaBio focuses on the agriculture, health, industrial, environmental and marine biotech.

  • Millers & traders

  • Manufacturers

  • Trade organisations

  • Food processors

  • Industry associations

  • Investors

  • Importers/ exporters

  • Retailers

  • Consumers

  • Global trade

  • Research institutions & counsils

  • Biotech companies

  • Seed companies & input suppliers

  • Farmer organisations

  • Students



We seek to understand and address stakeholder concerns on biotechnology and biosafety, and to build confidence in biotechnology’s potential in Africa. We promote the safe, responsible, and ethical use of biotechnology and its products by providing a knowledge and communication platform for all involved in the biotechnology sector. This includes:

  • Information-sharing by means of workshops, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, newsletters, and technology demonstration projects

  • Advocacy and position papers

  • Business partnerships and partnering sessions

  • Stimulating the development of biotechnology products and companies

  • The opportunity to engage with decision-makers and governments



We aim to achieve this by providing accurate information on biotechnology and biosafety, facilitating training, education, research, and development to all stakeholders and members, providing regular information-sharing forums, giving stakeholders the opportunity to engage with decision-makers and government, stimulating the development of biotechnology products and companies in Africa, and linking with entrepreneurs and investors to commercialise biotechnology.



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



  • AfricaBio played a key role in the establishment of the South African Committee for Genetic Experimentation (SAGENE), an interim biosafety regulatory   body - developed the Guidelines and Procedures for Work with GMO which paved the way for the introduction of the GMO Act and its regulations.

  • Trained over 8000 small-holder farmers interested in planting GM crops.

  • Developed series of position papers on such issues as GM, biosafety, bioethics, IPR, farmers’ rights, biodiversity and sustainable agriculture issues.

  • Produced information booklets on Agricultural Biotechnology including Facts for Decision Makers and Biotechnology: Biosafety, Food Safety and Food Aid.

  • AfricaBio is one of the founding members of the International Council of Biotech Associations (ICBA), - a global network of like-minded organisations.

  • Provided input into the national polies such as NBS, National Bio-economy Strategy and as well as many draft regulations pertaining to biotechnology issues.

  • Facilitated discussion between industry and government to discuss perspectives on the LLP issues and how to manage LLP through the use of thresholds.

  • Published period newsletter that continue to inform public, industry, students and policy-makers on current biotech developments – Biotech Indaba, GMO Insight, The Insider.

  • AfricaBio successfully developed a framework for Post-Market Monitoring (PMM) which was adopted by the Grain trader and Technology developers and accepted by regulator.

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