We provide you with information, connect you with other biotechnology stakeholders and industry players, and run programs that will help you achieve your objectives. We also offer various capacity building programmes aimed at meeting the objectives of the association to provide accurate and factual information on biotechnology and biosafety to policymakers, the media, and the general public.



AfricaBio provides an independent network between industry, academia, regulatory authorities, and market opportunities.


As part of marketing SA biotech innovations to international markets and exposing them to investors, AfricaBio is compiling a catalogue of SA biotech companies. Entrepreneurs of established company that have an interest in being featured in the inaugural publication of this SA Biotech Catalogue can submit their company details to the AfricaBio in the attached form. Featuring is done free of charge for companies. This will serve to expose local innovations for future partnering and internationalization opportunities. The directory will be published in phases.


The growth of any sector is dependent on stakeholders along the value chain collaborating and partnering. AfricaBio serves as a networking and partnering platform for all innovators within the biotech value chain, and in all the sector of the bio economy.

These take the form of business breakfast sessions, investor forums, workshops and roundtable discussions. Some of these are open to the public, while others are for members only. These are mainly published in the Events section.


Market of local innovations to the global market is regarded as one of the enablers of the SA bio-economy sector. Internationalization of local innovations will serve as a tool for attracting foreign direct investments and talent and, thereby leading to the growth of the sector. AfricaBio provides, to its stakeholders, opportunities to commercialize their products. These are done through participating in trade fairs, exhibitions, trade delegations or partnering of international partners. These will further provide companies to in-license new technologies from all over the world.



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