Living Organisms:
Building the future

We are an independent, non-profit biotechnology stakeholders' association for the safe, ethical, and responsible research, development, and application of biotechnology and its products.

Taking the strain
out of farming

Biotechnology has been around for centuries creating useful products. With the use of biotechnology in South Africa, crop yields can be increased, which places biotechnology in a very important position to combat poverty, help to adapt to climate change, and aid in food security.

The future of energy

World demand for energy is rising continuously and is expected to double by 2050. While oil prices are going up and our fossil fuel reserves are diminishing, biofuels may have the answer.

Health for all

The South African pharmaceutical industry contributes one of the highest percentages of revenue to the overall economy. Yet, healthcare remains expensive and inaccessible to many. Through health biotechnology innovations, the industry continues to contribute in providing health accessibility to all.

The ever-evolving

The biotechnology industry is very dynamic and we need to stay abreast of the latest developments to meet the needs of each sector. This is why knowledge and the availability thereof is very important in this industry.